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Vocational retraining, further training & labor market integration at the MIQR

The Central German Institute for Qualification and Vocational Rehabilitation is a social and flexible service provider. We train, advise and place people in rehabilitation, job seekers and those seeking professional help after illness, accident or social and development-related difficulties. The goal is a successful entry or re-entry into professional life. In addition, we also support asylum seekers and people with a migration background who are entitled to benefits in acquiring qualifications and finding their way on the job market. In the fields of Education, Training, professional orientation, Initial and reintegration our executives have been gathering valuable experience for over 20 years. In addition, we offer optimal training conditions through a pleasant ambience and use latest technology. In this article you will find out everything about our offers, services and what advantages you get from working with the Central German Institute for Qualification and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Our measures

We offer our measures in various areas. Of retraining and Further training with labor market integration leads over Work experience and rehabilitation assessment as well as professional rehabilitation up to German and integration courses – we will help you with your professional orientation and development. Most of our courses also include at least one internship lasting several weeks, so that you are optimally prepared for practical challenges.

retrainingthat we offer are for example the Retraining as a merchant in e-commerce, the Retraining to become a clerk in the healthcare sector, the Retraining as an industrial clerk, the Retraining as an office management clerk and the supervised company retraining.

The commercial business management qualification also counts Further training and labor market integration. This area should help to acquire additional qualifications and to reintegrate jobseekers or those undergoing rehabilitation into the labor market. Examples of measures are orientation, training and integration (OSI), the integration & professional optimization (IBO) and the course to acquire basic skills (Gruko).

to the area Work experience and rehabilitation assessment include, for example, the work and potential analysis (APO) and the statement on orientation, training & integration (FOSI). The work and potential analysis is a measure for job seekers or those seeking professional help or job seekers with special placement obstacles. Participants receive a professional assessment of their skills and competencies and an assessment of their ability to integrate into the labor market. In addition, we create your individual support needs for the planning and implementation of suitable measures for your professional qualification and integration. The determination of orientation, training and integration, on the other hand, is more suitable for people who, after an illness, an accident, neurological or psychosomatic problems, can no longer do their previous job or can no longer work at their place of work.

In addition to our measures for rehabilitants and job seekers or those seeking professional help, we also offer some German and integration courses for asylum seekers, foreigners with a toleration or residence permit or job seekers with a migration background.

Our services

We at the Central German Institute for Qualification and Vocational Rehabilitation support you in your professional life Orientation, training, further education and integration, Our competent contact person are always there for you. Within our measures we lead regularly support and follow-up talks through and advise you on all questions and problems. A training and work-pedagogical service, a facility doctor and a work psychologist are located, as well as a clinical-therapeutic and psychological-social-pedagogical service. right in our house. The training and work-pedagogical service also convinces with its very good training and integration results. Specialist lecturers, graduate engineers in the field of IT, trainers with a qualification in vocational and work education and integration consultants are also part of the MIQR team and will be happy to help you at any time.

Benefit from over 20 years of experience in the field of qualification and professional rehabilitation and let us support you throughout your professional development. This support includes the individual promotion and practical and action-oriented lessons with modern media technology in well-equipped training centers with pleasant working and learning atmosphere. In addition, we also mediate interdisciplinary content and try our educational program to be as varied as possible. In addition, we also offer optional psychological work-related stress management, meditation and conflict resolution for the work process, health sports and relaxation training. A collaboration with the Central German Institute for Qualification and Vocational Rehabilitation guaranteed them higher learning success and optimal preparation to exams and new professional challenges.


We at the MIQR are a social service provider for the training, counseling and placement of people undergoing rehabilitation, asylum seekers, people with a migration background, job seekers and those seeking professional help with the aim of successfully entering professional life. In this context, we offer many different measures in the areas of retraining, further training and labor market integration, work trials and rehabilitation assessment and German and integration courses for your professional orientation and qualification. Benefit from our experienced employees, optimal training conditions and numerous offers of help. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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