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German now – German course in Chemnitz for foreigners & immigrants at MIQR

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During the course, you will have the opportunity to gain basic German skills and achieve the language level A1. Afterwards, you will be able to attend the advanced course “German qualified” in Chemnitz to further deepen your knowledge.

In addition to our state language course, MIQR also provides other German and integration courses in Chemnitz. If you would like more information about our courses, please contact us! We will be happy to advise you. Simply contact us via our contact form or by telephone on 0800 77 89 100.


Important information about German now in Chemnitz


Aims of the course:

  • to get to know the legal system, culture and history of Germany
  • to gain knowledge of about the German language
  • to help with everyday orientation

Length: 200 teaching units, approximately 3 months

Form of teaching: full-time, personal classes on location

Entry: entry at any time after consultation with your advisor

Certificate: Certificate of attendance, level A1

Type of course: basic course, state language course (fully financed by the Sächsische Aufbaubank)



Language / German course:

  • Work and profession
  • Apprenticeship and further education
  • Health, hygiene, care
  • Child education
  • Shopping, trade, consumption
  • Leisure and social contacts
  • Media use
  • Housing


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Requirements for participants

Our state language course “German now” is generally open to adults with a migration background. Nevertheless, certain requirements must be fulfilled in order to participate. Admission is not dependent on our country of origin, your legal status or your length of stay in Germany. However, you must be able to prove that you came from an unsafe country of origin and that you currently reside in a district or in a district-free city of the state of Saxony. Another condition to participate is that you are not allowed to take a German integration course according to § 43 of the AufenthG

Voraussetzungen Deutsch sofort

“German now” is a basic course. Prior knowledge is therefore not required as basic language skills will be taught during the course. Following this, you have the possibility to deepen your knowledge through the advanced state language course “German Qualified”. However, if you already have some knowledge of the German language, it is advisable to take a placement test, which may show you that your language level is already at A1 or above. In this case it is possible to start straightaway with the advanced course.


Topics covered by state language course “German now” at MIQR in Chemnitz

The topics of the basic course “German now” are divided into two categories: Course content that teaches the German language at A1 level and course content that covers various aspects of life in Germany.

Kursinhalte Deutsch sofort

The course “German now” not only covers the basics of the German language, but also provides extensive insights into the life, culture, history and social life of Germany. This includes German working and professional life as well as information about different paths of education and training, and also information about health and hygiene standards. Housing and household management (including shopping and consumption) are further points covered. You will also learn how to raise children in Germany and acquire useful skills for social life, including tips and advice on leisure activities and maintaining contacts.


Structure of state language courses

The language courses are a combined course package, which consist of the basic course “German now” and the advanced course “German qualified”. In order to ascertain which course is suitable for you, a placement test will take place before commencement. If the test result shows that someone has little to no knowledge of the German language, the basic course ‘German now’ should be attended.

Ablauf des Landessprachkurses Deutsch sofort

After 200 hours of instruction, you will take an A1 language test. If you pass, you will receive a confirmation of participation as well as admission to the 400 hours advanced course “German qualified”. However, if the initial placement test already demonstrates language skills at level A1, it is not necessary to take the “German now” course. Instead, you can skip the basic course and be immediately admitted to the advanced course “German qualified”. This course offers the possibility to build upon your language ability to reach the level B1. After completion of the 600 hours, the ‘German test for immigrants’ is taken. Upon passing, you will be awarded an official language certificate with which you can prove your B1 level in German.



The state language courses are divided into two course offerings, which are similar in content, but differ in their aims and scope. The basic course “German now” is designed to gradually introduce the basics of the German language. By the end you should be able to understand, speak, write, and read the German language at a basic level. In addition, “German now” should enable you to reach level A1 and be able to enter the advanced course “German qualified”.



The state language courses “German now” and “German qualified” are only provided in the state of Saxony. MIQR provides these courses at all of its locations in Saxony: Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz.

Landessprachkurse beim MIQR in Sachsen

Deutsch sofort beim MIQR LeipzigDeutsch qualifiziert beim MIQR Leipzig
Deutsch sofort beim MIQR DresdenDeutsch qualifiziert beim MIQR Dresden
Deutsch sofort beim MIQR ChemnitzDeutsch qualifiziert beim MIQR Chemnitz


Benefits of learning at MIQR in Chemnitz

During your participation in our language courses “German now” and “German qualified” you will benefit from many advantages. Our training follows strict quality and support guidelines. On-site instruction in Chemnitz enables you to enjoy direct contact with the instructors and other staff. In this way, any questions and misunderstandings that may arise can be clarified immediately. As a participant in our language courses, you will not only benefit from individual discussions, but also from group work with other course participants. In addition, our competent staff will provide you with comprehensive support. During your participation in “German now” and “German qualified”, you can take advantage of our occupational psychology and socio-educational services. We also offer free participation in our health management courses. The quality of our training offers is not only reflected in our professionally-trained staff, but also in our modern, well-equipped classrooms. Our goal is to create a pleasant learning atmosphere and motivate you to achieve the best possible learning success.


Contact persons

At MIQR we value personal support and assistance. This is the reason why MIQR offers various contact persons to provide you with support and advice while you complete the language courses “German now” and “German qualified”. Thanks to the commitment of our German teachers and integration consultants, social and work educators as well as work psychologists, you will receive all-round support and assistance in order to successfully complete your language course(s).


Costs & funding for “German now”

The state language courses “German now” and “German qualified” are co-financed by tax funds. For this reason, one-time participation is free of charge. You will only have to pay for the required textbooks. If you live further than three kilometers from Mitteldeutsches Institut, your travel costs will also be covered.

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